Parasailing Adventure Bali

Let’s fly with us to enjoy Benoa bay landscape right from the sky using spectacular parasailing adventure ride.

Let's check it out beautiful panoramic of Benoa Peninsula. Enjoy 6 minutes fun flying with our parasailing adventures

Watching picturesque of Benoa Bay right from the sky while exploring view surrounding such as resorts, restaurants, watersport activities and many more along Benoa beach.

What is parasailing adventure

Parasailing adventure is a part of parasailing ride. Parasailing ride and parasailing adventure is almost same. The different only at parasailing adventure has improved parasailing method launches and lands the flyers with a modern winch system right from the back of specific boat. So, you don’t need to wait anymore on the beach with parasailing installed manually by the crew. While you’re queuing for your turn in the air, you’ll experience a fun speedboat ride! We are able to fly two or three people side by side, and our boat can accommodate larger groups. We try to get an awesome experience for all of our guest from the check in to the boat ride out until the actual parasailing. Don’t miss your chance of vacation in Bali while looking at the beautiful view of Benoa peninsula from the air with our parasailing adventure. You can see full view of Benoa peninsula such as some resorts and restaurants along the beach and other watersport activities right under you from the sky. View is amazing up there even this is the first flight experience for you in Peninsula of Benoa Bali. You can explore a lot from up above with no nervous and excited. All is only in Parasailing Adventure Bali. Don’t forget to bring your phone camera to making a short video or create photos selfie from the air as your unforgettable experience. The boat ride was fun with our crew was fantastic, humorous and made everyone feel at easy. You will feel completely safe to flight with us.

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Parasailing location & contact

Parasailing Adventure Bali are pleased to offer you parasail rides in the relative tranquility of Benoa Bay, Nusa Dua overlooking a white sand beach. We are located in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, South Kuta, Bali

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